Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Impressions of Postscripts 18

Impressions aren't a review per say rather just some thoughts on what I've been reading. Impressions will usually consist of a cluster of short stories seeing as I usually read short stories in spurts between novels. I feel this will be a good way to get my thoughts down and more digestible for you the reader.Postscripts 18: This is the Summer of Love from PS Publishing focuses on some newcomers to the field of Speculative Fiction. For the most part these authors are unknown to me and as far as I know the public at large. It's always a treat discovering new authors and so far I've only read three stories but I've already found an author who I think is great. So without further adieu let me give you my impressions of the stories I've read so far.

In the Porches of My Ears by Norman Prentiss

The first story of the anthology touches upon a pet peeve of mine and that is people who talk in the movie theater. Apparently the author has just as much distaste for the act as I do; however he puts a nice spin on it here as the person doing the talking is describing the movie to her blind husband. Seated directly behind the couple what do you do? Get up and move? Remain seated and have the movie ruined for you? A difficult position to be put in.

There's some nice paranormal activity added into the story but I wasn't overly impressed with it. I'd say its fairly mediocre.

Horses by Livia Llewellyn

I skipped this story for the moment as the premise didn't grab me. I'll read it at a later time or then again maybe not.

The Wages of Salt by Deborah Kalin

Set in a Desert Dystopia an archeoligist and her crew dig up something that should have remained buried. That's all I'll say as far as the story's plot goes but this one is worth the price of admission alone. Kalin from the first paragraph brought me into this world she's created and I'll be honest; I'm feinding for more. I've already read the story twice now and I want, no I need more. Can't wait to get my hands on some more material by this author.

Shem-El-Nessim by Chris Bell

As a child I loved everything about Egypt. The Pharoahs, The Mythology, The Mummies the Pyramids I was fascinated by all of it. Chris Bell has done a great job of capturing the essence of everything I loved as a child and putting it in an adult context. The central focus of the plot revolves around a mysterious fragerance and a haunting woman which leads our protagnist to Egypt. Another exceptional story.

Well that's all for these impressions look for another one of these in a week or two after I've got some more short stories under my belt.

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