Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Collector's Corner: Some Recent Pick-Ups

Huge Lot of Glen Cook Books

It should come as no surprise to anyone reading this that I'm a huge fan of Glen Cook. So when I saw this huge lot of Cook novels up for auction on eBay I couldn't pass it up. I placed my bid and kept my fingers crossed and for once no one sniped me on the auction at the last second.

So for $45 shipped I received all the novels you see above. Some good books there especially a few of Cook's stand alone novels such as The Tower of Fear, Passage At Arms, The Sword Bearer and The first three novels in The Dread Empire series along with the entire run of The Black Company.

You read that correctly the entire run of the Black Company! Including the very rare Bleak Seasons and She is the Darkness. These are the hard cover copies complete with dust jacket both in Near Fine condition.

Each book cost me roughly $2.65 which I couldn't be happier about seeing as:

The Softcover edition of Bleak Seasons is selling for an average of $23:

Completed eBay listings for Bleak Seasons

And the softcover edition of She is the Darkness is selling for between $50 and $60:

Completed eBay listings for She is the Darkness

Gunpowder by Joe Hill (Signed Jacked Hardcover, Limited edition #91/300)

Joe Hill has made quite a name for himself in a short amount of time so I was looking forward to checking out some of his work. Unfortunately for me by the time I became aware of Gunpowder released by PS Publishing it was out of print prior to publication. So with the books huge popularity sellers were and still are asking exorbitant prices for it. Luckily one popped up at auction and I won it for $45. (OH YEAH!) So it's currently sitting on my shelf besides its PS brethren.

Brasyl by Ian McDonald (1st Edition/1st Printing)

I've heard so many good things about Ian McDonald's River of the Gods and Brasyl I had to get copies of both. (I just had to.) Picked up the beauty above for an even 20 bones.

The Reef by Mark Charan Newton (Signed, Dated, Lined with a Quote, Doodled. THEN signed, dated doodled by the cover artis
ts Darius Sinks.) So basically this is The Reef: Everything But the Kitchen Sink Editon.

Sometimes as collector's we have to throw caution to the wind and just go with our gut and my gut was telling me to pick up this book. After reading The Fantasy Book Critic's interview with Netwon where I learned that his first novel was not in fact Nights of Villajmur but rather The Reef which was released in March 2008 by a small publisher in Britain known as Pendragon Press it became my quest to track down a copy of this novel.

At the beginning of my quest I had no idea it would end with me shelling out a substantial amount of quid in order to get my hands on a copy.

The Reef has a supposed print run of only 300 copies. With the upcoming release of Nights of Villajmur one would think Pendragon Press would begin to print more copies however at this time the publisher is saying there are no plans at this time to print more.

The copy pictured above is one of only 26 Lettered Editions. (I got "D" if anyone is interested.) However this seller is claiming that he was the one that personally commissioned the lettered editions and there are also two more copies (One for the prologue and one for the epilogue.) So that would make 28 Lettered Editions. I have no reason to doubt this seller as he has superlative feedback on a number of other books.

The copy he's selling however is priced much higher than what I paid for mine. I purchased mine for $85 which included shipping from the U.K. A hefty sum no doubt, but one I feel is worth it to add such a unique book to my collection.

So what have you picked up this week? I always love to hear about what other readers/collectors are adding to their collection.


  1. I...ummm...haven't...ummm...picked up any books this week because that would...ummm...violate the pledge I made not to buy books for three months. Yep.

  2. That is a very fine haul. Hmmm I haven't picked up many collectable books lately, but I should have some luck this weekend. I'm going to Book Expo America and Gaiman, Mieville, and Sanderson will all be signing so I hope to grab their autographs. I need to get my first printing hardcover of American Gods inscribed.

  3. Chin up, Pliny! Only 2 more months and you can reenter the fray with renewed vigor.

    Mad Hatter, I really enjoyed American Gods, great novel. Best of luck getting some signatures. A signed copy of American Gods would be a great piece to add to your collection not to mention anything you can get signed by Mieville.

    Are you going to do a blog post about your experience at Book Expo America? I'd be interested in checking out your thoughts on it.

  4. Ummm...there is a small chance that I may have already broken my pledge...

  5. Pliny you already did it? Oh well...

    Harrison, I hope to do a posts from the show for Friday and Saturday. I'll try to run down the swag and autographs accumulated. China is also doing a talk with John Ringo on Saturday. I hope to go to but it might be tight because of another signing. If I go I'm going to try to get a little video for the blog.

  6. I will reveal all in a post once the three months have transpired.

  7. Pliny you tease! ;) You're going to make us wait 2 months to find out what book made you break your vow?

    Mad Hatter, sounds good, I'll keep an eye out for those posts.