Monday, March 23, 2009

Nugget Reviews

A Nugget Review is just a small review.

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan

Altered Carbon is the speculative fiction communities little darling and I did enjoy it quite a bit. Not as much as some others but all around it was a good solid mystery yarn with good character development and world building. Anyone can come up with a great concept but its all about the execution. Morgan executes his resleeving concept admirably. Was a bit slow at times for me which lost it a few points but overall I a very good novel.


The Company by K.J. Parker

I really enjoyed this novel as Parker interlaces the history of the character with the present very nicely. The story unfolds from multiple perspectives which is nice as we see situations from different perspectives. To me it’s Robinson Crusoe with swords. It is in the Fantasy genre but it has only a very small underlying fantastic element which you’ll see if you read the novel.


Book on Tape: The Business by Iain M. Banks

This is my first time listening to a book on tape and I’ll say one thing for books on tape they make a twelve hour car ride go much faster. At parts the novel’s dialogue seems a bit trite when read out loud and the cadence was awkward. I did like the narrators female voice with English accent. All of the male parts though seemed to have been read by an effeminate geek. Its tough to take some of the main villains seriously when their voices sound like a mixture of Boy George and Urkel.

The story was good however.


Fahrenheit 451

Amazing book. Read it for the first time in high school. I have reread it many times since and each time discover something new. Bradbury has crafted an exquisite masterpiece with this one.


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