Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This and That

Perhaps I’m getting crotchety in my old age (25) as I just don’t have the patience for books that I once did. I’ve taken to 50 page rule. Which simply put is that if a book doesn’t have my attention by the 50th page I stop reading. Two novels have recently fallen into this category. The Gormenghast Trilogy and The Magic of Recluce.

The Gormenghast Trilogy
falls under the it’s not you it’s me category. This novel is just not clicking with me at the moment so I’m going to shelf it for the time being and return to it sometime down the road.

The Magic of Recluce falls under the awful blind date category. There’s just no chemistry. Magic of Recluce is like the party girl who may be somewhat attractive in a skanky way but what I’m looking for is a nice girl to bring home to mom. I’m so used to the gritty Fantasy of George R.R. Martin, Glen Cook, Steven Erickson and so many others that to me the Magic of Recluce just seems clichéd and trite at this point. Not for me.

In other reading news I’m tearing through A Cruel Wind: A Chronicle of the Dread Empire at the moment. I finished A Shadow of All Night Falling about a week ago and just finished October’s Baby. Taking a quick break from the series to read a few other things and then I’ll hop back in with both feet to finish off the Omnibus by reading All Darkness Met. Mr. Cook has yet to disappoint. Hope to have a review of these books up by months end.

In the next few days I also hope to have reviews of a couple more books from PS Publishing for you. The two books I’ve finished reading in the last week are The Light Stealer by James Barclay and The Human Front by Ken MacLeod. Also halfway done with VAO by Geoff Ryman.

Lastly, I received my copy of Those Who Went Remain There Still by Cherie Priest from Subterranean Press and the book looks fantastic. I can’t wait to crack this one open.

I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again. Subterranean Press is a special company. The books they put out are obviously second to none. The covers are all tasteful and well done. The stories are great. Each book is carefully packaged and turn around time on orders is superb. So here’s to you Subterranean Press, I wish you many long years of making us bookworms salivate over your wares.


  1. hiya dude !
    saw your advice on The Fantasy blog and wanted to tell you my boo boo ears are really sinus problems ..
    I live in Puerto Rico and honestly the humidity couldnt be any higher :)

  2. and're making me want to start heavily reading scifi again's been awhile..:)

  3. Hey Cynnie,

    Sorry I couldn't have been more help, I didn't realize you were in Puerto Rico, otherwise I definitely wouldn't have suggested humidifirs! :)

    There's definitely some great Science Fiction being put out right now...I hope you find some time if your sinuses stop giving you trouble to start reading some of it.