Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Sunday Review Review: No Foreplay Edition

Lets just get right to it.

Dark Wolf's up to his old tricks pumping out quality content like there's no tomorrow. Treat yourself to a review of Stephen King's bouncing baby boy Joe Hill's Gunpowder followed by K.J. Parker's The Company

Liviu C. Suciu of Fantasy Book Critic has a review of a book that slipped under my radar. I am always interested in the culture of the Far East so this one sounds like its right my alley. Check out the review of Heart of the Ronin and see if it might be a novel you'd enjoy.

Graeme gives John Marco a try for the first time. See what he liked and didn't like about Starfinder

What if the Roman Empire never fell? What would our world look like today is the premise that Rominatas by Sophia McDougall looks to answer. Does Ms. McDougall get it right? Adam Whitehead tells us what he thinks.

Blood of the Muse has a great interview with Brent Weeks so anyone interested in learning about one of Speculative Fiction's hot newcomers check the interview out. Very good interview in my opinion.

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