Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Sunday Review Review: Building My Library Back Up Edition

About three years ago I went through a non-materialism phase and sold off most of my material possessions. Books, DVDs, TVs, Videogames, Clothes, Furniture you name it I pretty much got rid of it. Now I'm still not very materialistic but getting rid of everything WAS a bit extreme. Most of the things I got rid of I don't miss in the least. One thing I did miss however were my books. So over the past year I've slowly but surely been building up my library and in the next couple weeks hope to have a post about my small book collection.

So look forward to with out further adeiu lets take a look around the Speculative Fiction Blogosphrere.

Plinydogg aka the Speculative Fiction Junkie is quickly becoming my go to reviewer. He's introduced me to two novels so far which I've loved both Shadow of the Wind and Those Who Went Remain There Still. In his latest review he takes a look at Danielle Parker's The Infinite Instant. When you're done with that review make sure to purview his old reviews as well as they're all great.

Likewise, I've just discovered Neth Space this week and the site is great. Ken currently has a review of the much talked about and highly touted Lamentation by author Ken Scholes. Nice to get a variety of takes on this book as its receiving mixed reviews at the moment. Click the link to see what Ken thought.

Glen Cook is getting some love around the blogosophere.

Pat St. Denis the Godfather of Fantasy/Science Fiction bloggers has a great review of The Books of the South up. So check that out and after reading the review make sure to check out Pat's Interview with Glen Cook as well. Its a refreshingly frank interview as Glen Cook doesn't pull any punches and says whats on his mind. Nice to see an established author not editing himself. Very interesting read.

Mulluane (beautiful name by the way), has a review of Shadows Linger one of my top five favorite books of all time at her site. So check the review out and then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Shadows linger you won't be sorry.

Graeme of Graeme's Fantasy Book Review fame found himself not wanting to wake his significant other up and lucky for us he's such a gentlemen as he had no choice but to read The Secret War and give us his take on it.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the great news from The Wertzone which is that authors Paul Kearny has just signed a two book deal with Solaris. The two books...are you ready for this...will be set in the world of the Macht! ***Chanelling Macho Man Randy Savage*** Ohhhh Yeeeaaaah!

Well that's it for this week...still trying to come up with a clever outro.


  1. Thanks for the kind words about the site. I'm glad you enjoyed the review - I should have an interview with Ken Scholes up in a day or two.

  2. Hey Ken,

    I'll definitely be checking that interview out!

  3. I second Neth's sentiments: thanks a lot!