Thursday, February 12, 2009

Review: Questions for a Soldier

In my opinion John Scalzi is nothing short of the second coming of Robert Heinlein. I devour everything he writes so when I heard about Questions for a Soldier a small chapbook released by Subterranean Press in 2005, I had to have it. For the last year I’ve scrimped and saved my pennies and kept an eye on eBay for one in my price range. Finally a couple weeks ago I purchased Questions for a Soldier at a Buy It Now price of $100.00. A steep sum but a small price to pay for some excellent writing or so I thought.

After reading through the chapbook with kid gloves on I came to the realization that Questions for a Soldier was rather dull.

After my initial disappoint wore off, my second wave of disappoint hit. I paid $100.00 for this? Man I am a sucker.

For those of you who don’t know what Questions for a Soldier is let me sum it up for you. It’s a 28 page chapbook set in the Old Man’s War universe. John Perry is on a Public Relations tour after the Battle of Coral and this is the Q&A from his stop on New Goa. There’s no story per say just the back and forth between a combat veteran and some civilians of the Colonial Defense Force. Perry shoots from the hip with his answers. No censoring what so ever as he says what’s on his mind.

It’s pretty lackluster.

Besides the writing there are some wonderful illustrations by Bob Eggleton. That being said and all due respect to Mr. Eggleton but I buy a book primarily for the writing/entertainment value which there was little to none in this chapbook.

Would I recommend this chapbook? If you are a hardcore John Scalzi collector and want to have all of his work then I might tell you to buy this. It’s bad though. I consider myself a Scalzi collector and I’m even thinking of selling my copy if that tells you anything.


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