Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Reflections On My Collections #1

In this day and age when everything can be delivered overnight I’ve really come to enjoy Media Mail. Yes it slow, usually takes about 7-14 days to arrive on your doorstep but that’s fun for me. The anticipation of knowing a book is on its way and not knowing when it will arrive is a great feeling.

Just so happens that today for whatever reason I got six packages all at once so it was a regular bonanza at the Holtz household with bubble wrap and packing peanuts strewn everywhere.

Here’s a look at the books I purchased for my collection:

Phantasia Press was a relatively small publisher based out of Michigan which ran a first class operation for a number of years. The titles above were both released by them as special limited editions.

Being a huge fan of Phillip Jose Farmer especially his Riverworld novels I had to pick up River of Eternity. River of Eternity which is better known as To Your Scattered Bodies Go is how Farmer wanted to tell the story before his editor's forced him to expand the novel, change character names etc. Phantasia Press heard about the novel and somehow tracked down the earliest manuscript they could find, not even Farmer is sure if this is the earliest manuscript or the second earliest. I'm very interested to read this novel to see how it compares to To Your Scattered Bodies Go which I loved.

(Limited to 500 Signed/Slipcased Editions, Also released in Trade Format)

Eros Ascending by Mike Resnick is about a space brothel. Enough said.

(Limited to 300 Signed/Slipcased Editions, Also released in Trade Format)

If you want to see all of the books Phantasia Press published you can find their website here

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