Saturday, January 3, 2009

This and That: Thanks to eBay and Chris

Thanks to eBay for the $25 gift card they sent me for Christmas. While they do charge me an excessive amount of fees if it wasn’t for them I’d be stuck in Middle Management and miserable. Instead I’m running my own business so for that I’m thankful. The $25 didn’t last long. It took me no longer then 5 minutes to log onto my account and purchase the Gormenghast Trilogy by Mervyn Peake which I received a few days ago. Can’t wait to dive head first into this one.

Since I don’t believe in sending thank you cards, especially when you tell someone thanks in person I would none the less like to send thanks to my friend Chris who was nice enough to purchase me a few books at a local used bookstore.

The thing you’ll have to realize is that both Chris and I are both extremely frugal people as we don’t like to waste our money frivolously. So a used bookstore was the perfect place to exchange gifts. We both ended up spending about $7 on each other which isn’t too bad. My haul consisted of the Tyrants and Kings Trilogy by John Marco along with a Michael Crichton novel called “State of Fear”. Chris summed the book up this way “It’s a book

about how Global Warming is fake.” I was sold as I think the whole global warming thing is a bunch of hogwash. Chris picked up a couple Ed McBain novels and a couple other books that escape my mind at the moment. I’d love to hear about everyone else’s book related gifts as well so post it up on comments.

Lastly, I just finished “The Shadow of the Wind” which I read base d on Plinydogg’s recommendation. Everyone and their mother have been blown away by this book and I’m no different. A near perfect novel in every respect. There’s been so many rave reviews on this book there’s no need for me to write yet another one citing the virtues of this novel so I’ll just give my brief score which is:



  1. I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment that global warming is hogwash:)

    Again, I'm glad you enjoyed "The Shadow of the Wind!"

    Also, let us know what you think of Gormenghast...I've had a copy of Titus Groan on my shelf for almost a year.

  2. I enjoyed your review of Black Company omnibus...I agree that the second book presents the pinnacle of the trilogy; Marron Shed is a terrific character.

    I'm afraid I haven't read Rothfuss' debut yet, but Trin thinks the world of it.

  3. Plinydogg,

    I'll remain civilized as well in the great debate about Global Warming. Agreeing to disagree is often times the best choice.

    As far as Gormenghast novels go, I'm having a hell of a time getting into it. I'm about 50 pages in at this point and put it down about two weeks ago and have yet to pick it back up. I think I'm going to give it another go in a month or so see if I can't get into it again.

    Also I just ordered my copy of Those Who Went Remain there still from Subterranean Press based on your review. Hopefully it gets hear soon I was expecting quick shipping considering they're only about an hours drive away from me.

  4. ThRiNiDiR,

    Glad you enjoyed the Black Company review and its always good to find another Marron Shed fan. Great character, great book. Glen Cook can do no wrong in my opinion.

    Yeah you definitely have to give Rothfuss' debut a read when you get a chance. Its spectacular. Plus the second part of the trilogy will be coming out later this year so you've got to be ready for that as well.

  5. Agreed as to the agreeing to disagree :)

    It's funny you say that about I said, I've had it sitting on my shelf for a while.

    ThRiN: I completely second Harrison's enthusiasm for The Name of the Wind. In fact, it should be the next book you read!