Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This and That

The Raven, Port Huron's version of The Prancing Pony

I polished off The Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi last night and it’s a great continuation of the universe that Scalzi is creating. Some people are down on Scalzi calling his books carbon copies of Robert A. Heinlein’s Starship Trooper novel. To these people I say carbon copy or not these novels are as good if not better than Starship Troopers (which is one of my favorite novels.) Besides its obvious that Heinlein and other Sci-Fi authors were huge influences on Scalzi’s writing. In Ghost Brigades he even gives a few shouts out to these novels. I should have a review of this novel up before the end of the week.

After finishing The Ghost Brigades I leapt right into George Zebrowski’s short story collection entitled “Swift Thoughts.” Really liking it so far and it never hurts that it was published by my favorite small press: Golden Gryphon Press. One of the things that I think makes Golden Gryphon so special is that in their short story collections, after each story there are Author Note’s which give you some insight to what the writer was thinking while writing the story. Awesome.

Had lunch with my friend Nadia today who is back from doing a two-year stint with the Peace Corps in Africa. We went to a great little coffee shop whose walls are lined with books. We got to talking about rare books and how she was thinking of going to Seattle and becoming a book scout. It also made me want to read The Club Dumas. So my question is what other books would you recommend that have to deal with the rare book world?

Anything besides the Cliff Janeway novels, I read the first two in the series and that is enough for me. His whole act gets old quick.

If you couldn’t tell from my 3 in 1 review I’m on a huge Glen Cook kick right now. Yesterday I received my copy of A Cruel Wind: A Chronicle of the Dread Empire which I won for $15 on ebay. So I’m debating about whether I should read that or the Books of the South. I think I’m going to go with the Dread Empire.


  1. Glad to see that the Ghost Brigades is lives up to Scalzi's accomplishments in Old Man's War, which I just finished reading.

    In response to your question about books that deal with rare books, "The Shadow of the Wind" (which was on my Top 5 Reads List over at Speculative Fiction Junkie) deals with them to an extent. It's a great read all around!

    Also, I'm adding you to my blogroll if that's alright.

  2. Well I lucked out and was able to score a copy of "The Shadow of the Wind" at my local library. It sounds like just what I was looking for.

    I also looked to see if they had a copy of Through A Glass, Darkly. Now here's the thing they had four copies, none of which were by Bill Hussey. Must be a popular title I'm going to continue to try and track that one down as well.

    Thanks for the link on your blogroll I've added you to mine as well thanks and I'll be checking your blog often.

  3. Glad you got "The Shadow of the Wind." It's a stunning book!

    As far as Through A Glass, Darkly is concerned, you may have to order it as I've never seen a copy of it for sale in this country (except through eBay). It is definitely worth it, though.

    The reason for there being lots of titles with that name is that it's a quote from the Bible, I'm pretty sure...

    Thanks for the blogroll edition!